Frequent Questions

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Will the Striker EA work on my MT4 Platform?

Yes. The Striker EA will work on all brokers who utilise the MT4 (MetaTrader 4) trading platform.

What do you recommend as a good starting bank?

Our total cash profit reported on this website is from a starting bank of 350. We appreciate that everyone is different therefore the best advice would be to start with a bank, no less than 350, that you are completely comfortable with. The Striker EA will risk 5% of the account balance on each trade it places and will only take one single position at a time. Never will it be active in more than 1 position.

What times of day does the Striker trade?

The Striker can trade at anytime of the day and night and throughout each trading week. The Striker must be active on your MT4 platform from the weekly EUR/USD open to the close on Friday. If this is inconvenient, we have a hosting solution that may be of interest to you. We can host your MT4 platform on our servers which are always on and connected to super fast fibre broadband - you will never miss a trade. Browse Virtual Hosting Packages

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes, we do. All of our payment packages come with a 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason with the Striker EA product, we will cancel your license and issue a full and instant refund.

What currencies does the Striker trade?

The Striker focuses all of its attention on the EUR/USD on hourly intervals. The Striker attempts to foreknow the cycles based on similar cycles found in its database from over 25 years worth of key events in history for EUR/USD - a database that continually evolves in order to keep up with the ever changing nature of the markets. With this in mind we believe it's best to become a master at one single currency to increase our chances of success.

How many trades does the Striker take per week?

The Striker EA is not a scalping system - it doesn't produce hundreds of trades per week. It is very selective in its thought process so please be prepared that some weeks there may be between 5-10 trades on average placed. There has been weeks where only 1 single trade has been placed and other weeks more than 15. This is normal behaviour.

How do I cancel my Striker EA License?

All of our packages with the exception of the Lifetime License are subscription based. Subscriptions can be cancelled at anytime you wish - there are no fixed terms and no cancellation fees. If you were on the monthly plan and cancelled the subscription, your license would automatically expire on the date your next payment was due. You can cancel either through Paypal or contact us via the Forex Police website and this will be done instantly and without fuss.

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