The Striker Expert Advisor

The Striker EA is the world's first Artificially Intelligent Expert Advisor. The Striker EA is coded to interpret human feelings based on market fluctuations and attempts to foreknow the cycles based on similar cycles found in its database from over 25 years worth of key events in history for EUR/USD.

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Introducing our brand new, Artificially Intelligent Expert Advisor, The Striker EA. Trading only EUR/USD, The Striker EA has the ability to calculate probabilities instantly, adapting to EUR/USD market conditions, and risking always, only 5% of any account balance on any given trade. The Striker EA will manage your trading account; opening and closing positions, adjust lot sizes plus loads more – The Striker EA is dynamic and will respond instantly to the ever-changing market cycles – these factors among many others are what makes The Striker Expert Advisor the first of its kind, efficient & accurately designed, trading with pin-point precision, the world’s first, Artificially Intelligent EA. With The Striker EA, you no longer need to do a thing, just live life and check on your trading account at your leisure. Finally... stress free trading.


Customer Guarantee - All of the results published on are accurate and have not been manipulated in any way. All of our performance data on this website is updated in real time from our live trading account.