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THE STRIKER Expert Advisor Presentation

Welcome to the Forex Police Presentation – Introducing our brand new, Artificially Intelligent Expert Advisor, The Striker EA. Trading only EUR/USD, The Striker EA has the ability to calculate probabilities instantly, adapting to EUR/USD market conditions, and risking always, only 5% of any account balance on any given trade. The Striker EA will manage your trading account; opening and closing positions, adjust lot sizes plus loads more – The Striker EA is dynamic and will respond instantly to the ever-changing market cycles – these factors among many others are what makes The Striker Expert Advisor the first of its kind, efficient & accurately designed, trading with pin-point precision, the world’s first, Artificially Intelligent EA.  With The Striker EA, you no longer need to do a thing, just live life and check on your trading account at your leisure. Finally... stress free trading.
  The STRIKER EA Live Performance/Stats  
  “The Striker, we deem as artificially intelligent because it is coded to interpret human feelings based on market fluctuations and attempts to foreknow the cycles based on similar cycles found in its database from over 25 years worth of key events in history for EUR/USD. The Striker assesses how the cycle was derived, how it responded, the market feeling during the response and the eventual outcome. Database matches become the blue print for projecting the future movement of price as the market moves into the unknown. The Striker mimics previous cycles to the exact degree and quits when they fall out of sync.”
  THE STRIKER EA Developers
The Striker EA Live/Interactive PIPS Profit/Loss Chart February 2010 until Present Day
The Striker EA Quarterly Performance Stats February 2010 until Present Day
Year / Quarter Total Trades Total Win Total Loss Win Ratio Total Pips Cash PL Acc Balance
2010 / Q1 24 15 9 63% 65 £13.61 £363.61
2010 / Q2 120 77 43 64% 484 £146.03 £509.64
2010 / Q3 85 53 32 62% 76 £0.91 £510.55
2010 / Q4 129 83 46 64% 442 £177.76 £688.31
2011 / Q1 86 57 29 66% 474 £300.21 £988.52
2011 / Q2 111 78 33 70% 929 £1,126.96 £2,115.48
2011 / Q3 158 109 49 69% 1259 £3,772.29 £5,887.77
2011 / Q4 145 101 44 70% 1189 £9,663.39 £15,551.16
2012 / Q1 63 42 21 67% 460 £6,931.79 £22,482.95
2012 / Q2 46 27 19 59% -105 £-2,827.06 £19,655.89
2012 / Q3 51 33 18 65% 129 £1,587.12 £21,243.01
2012 / Q4 21 16 5 76% 300 £6,226.18 £27,469.19
2013 / Q1 51 33 18 65% 146 £2,665.46 £30,134.65
2013 / Q2 43 29 14 67% 174 £4,142.33 £34,276.98
2013 / Q3 37 20 17 54% -271 £-8,345.82 £25,931.16
2013 / Q4 29 19 10 66% 121 £2,332.53 £28,263.69
2014 / Q1 29 16 13 55% -264 £-6,437.38 £21,826.31
2014 / Q2 19 13 6 68% 124 £2,198.38 £24,024.69
2014 / Q3 18 10 8 56% -79 £-1,984.83 £22,039.86
2014 / Q4 48 36 12 75% 468 £10,605.53 £32,645.39
2015 / Q1 87 48 39 55% -292 £-8,711.21 £23,934.18
2015 / Q2 85 58 27 68% 717 £18,582.25 £42,516.43
2015 / Q3 69 38 31 55% -178 £-8,565.56 £33,950.87
  THE STRIKER EA, Strategy Test Recorded. Watch the Live Video Below...  
  Expert Advisors must be Artificially Intelligent to survive in the market place. A fundamental flaw in robots is their inability to keep up with the ever-changing market conditions; consequently, almost all will only show results for a ‘golden period’ and most lack consistency in the long term.  Another fundamental flaw in robots is their neglect to strict money management rules. Money management is the single most important ingredient to any successful strategy. Quite often, even poor systems can show profits with intelligent money management. The Striker EA is designed & equipped to handle both fundamental flaws.  

The Striker EA trades only EUR/USD between 8am and 2am (GMT London) Monday - Friday on hourly intervals and places an average of 25 trades per month. The Striker EA will only activate one single trade at a time and will ALWAYS risk only 5% of Account Balance on each trade placed.

The Striker Expert Advisor will require an Internet Connection between 8am and 2am (GMT) of each trading day. We will host your Trading Platform on our Virtual Servers with The Striker Expert Advisor installed and ready to trade. There will be no setup charges for hosting, no license fee and no monthly fee for the first six months. Costs for Virtual Hosting after the first six months is just £20 per month. Please Note, at the end of the six month period you are not obliged to carry on with hosting or The Striker EA. You have complete control over access to this service.

What would an Expert Advisor with the capabilities and potential of The Striker EA normally cost?
£200, £500, £1,000? An EA with the ability of The Striker would easily fetch any of these proposed prices but this type of approach is not part of our plans. Our proposal is that you keep this money and invest it in your own trading account that our Striker EA will manage and trade on your behalf. You're probably wondering what's in it for us? Or perhaps, where's the catch? There is no catch...

What's in it for us?

All we require is that you sign up for a new trading account with our recommended Forex MetaTrader Broker.  Consequently, we will earn a small commission on trades taken by the Striker EA on your account at NO cost whatsoever to you. Our recommended Forex Brokers, as is true with all brokers, make their profits through spreads – our commission is taken from the brokers’ profits and not from you, the customer. All profits made by the Striker EA are YOURS - you can withdraw funds at anytime - you're in complete control.

What's in it for you?

The Striker EA installed on your trading account on our servers completely free. Our servers are 99.9% guaranteed uptime – the EA will never miss a trade.  For this there is no setup charge, no small print & no monthly fee for the first three months. For once, it does exactly what it says it does on the tin. We believe in providing products that help traders like you and the reason we can make this offer free and viable is because we believe The Striker EA to be firmly fixed in a class of its own; among the very few bots available capable of surviving in today’s volatile market. 

The Striker EA is without question thee most exciting and innovative Expert Advisor to hit the market – Probabilities are stacked against it losing rather than the more familiar, stacked against it winning. 

The Striker EA is cutting edge, programmed with extreme precision, and will revolutionise Expert Advisors and the technology behind their thinking – The Striker thinks like a human and remains solid & systematic in its approach like a robot – The relationship between the two is critical and missing from most Expert Advisors on the market today. The Striker EA is truly one of a kind and the very first ever Artificially Intelligent Expert Advisor.

If the Live Account Option is not for you, don't worry...

There are several ways you can experience the Striker EA. Services include monitoring the Striker EA on your own Demo Account, Striker EA Email Signals - the instant the Striker EA places a trade on EUR/USD you'll know about it by email OR you can access one of our Live Trading Accounts with the Striker EA installed.

  If you would like to Activate the Striker EA, simply complete the short form below. Please note: Suspicous email addresses will be immediately discarded.

We (The Forex Police) will not ask for any personal information other than your email address. Please also note that you will receive NO spam as a consequence of signing up. Spamming is not condoned and email addresses are not passed to any third party company.

Once you complete the short sign up form below, you will be directed to the Striker EA Activation Page which includes all of the information/options you'll need to get started. Remember, if there is anything you are unsure of, give us a call on the number below or drop us an email right here.
If you wish to discuss any aspect of our service with a Member of The Forex Police, please use the number below.
0845 129 7995
Please Note: Calls are charged at standard local rate. (This is NOT a high tariff phone number). Business hours are Mon-Fri 9am - 17:00pm (GMT London)

Trading in the Forex market is one of the riskiest forms of investment available in the financial markets and suitable for only sophisticated individuals and institutions. 
The possibility exists that you could sustain a substantial loss of funds and therefore, you should only invest money that you can afford to lose.

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